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Why I Founded Kathy Fountain Fertility

Why I Founded Kathy Fountain Fertility

Why is it so hard to get pregnant?

A question so many women ask themselves every day, and a question I had to face myself a few years ago.

The realization that you can’t conceive when or how you expected can be devastating, and can disrupt your life. I have devoted my counseling practice to helping people like you, because I remember the feeling of being on sinking sand without a hand to pull me out.

I realized what women need is not pity, but three things:

  • Understanding
  • Support
  • Information

That’s why I created Kathy Fountain Fertility.

I wanted to provide a resource to help you on your journey. I am taking all the things I have learned over the past decade about surviving infertility and creating families, and am offering them to you in an easy-to-use format.

Among the resources:

  • Mind Body Classes for Infertility
  • Resolve support group
  • Individual counseling

But I want this to be a dialogue, between me and you, and between you and all the others who walk the journey with you.

What information are you looking for? What kind of support is helpful? What questions do you need answered?

Let’s talk. We’re all here to listen. You can join the conversation by adding a comment in the field provided below.


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