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Not Getting Pregnant? Consider The Mind Body Program for Fertility

Are you frustrated that you’re not getting pregnant? Has infertility changed your life?

If you are used to being in control, chances are the challenge of getting pregnant has resulted in frustration and helplessness. It also may have brought about changes in every aspect of your life: Your relationship with your partner, your friends, your career, your social life, your finances, your sex life. Worse yet, the stress of this difficult time may be affecting your ability to conceive.

Fountain Fertility Group Mind Body Program

We offer hope for those trying to get pregnant, or ready to explore other family building options through our Mind-Body Classes for Fertility.

Fountain Fertility Group Services

The realization that you can’t conceive when or how you expected can be devastating, and can disrupt your life. What women need is not pity, but rather understanding, support, and information. Fountain Fertility Group is dedicated to providing resources to help you on your journey.

Mind-Body Classes

Women who learned to manage their depression were boosting their odds of getting pregnant. Our Mind-Body Class teaches you to decrease your stress and increase your chances of getting pregnant or becoming a parent.

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Infertility Counseling

Infertility counseling can educate you about what’s “normal” when we realize that conceiving a child naturally may not happen. Even if you’ve never considered counseling before, a qualified therapist can help you work through this process.

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Fertility Learning Center

Why does it seem that so many women are experiencing fertility problems? Fertility statistics from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine say that infertility affects about 6 million Americans.

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Family Building Options

One-third to one-half of participants conceived within six months of leaving the Mind Body Program for Infertility. Normally 90% of the participants resolve their fertility and have a baby within a year – some by pregnancy, others by adoption or other means of building their families.

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Quotes from Recent Participants

Testimonial - Liz

"I felt the class completely had a role with our success.
Learning to clear my head and to think rationally will benefit me throughout life.
Thank you for this skill! "


Testimonial - Marni

"Group was absolutely fantastic.
My husband said I went
from "8" to a "3" on the "out of control" scale."


Testimonial - Shody

"I couldn't have coped with my treatment without the
skills and support of the wonderful girls in my group.
I plan on trying to show the people I love how to deal with life using this program."


Testimonial - Tracy

"This class exceeded my expectations.
It addressed all the key components necessary for me at this point in my treatment and future decisions; to reduce stress and think clearly."


Testimonial - Nicole

"We went from me being angry, me making all the decisions and him trying to fix it - to me learning to chill out, and set boundaries on when and how to talk about it. As I relaxed, it became more "safe" to explore other options."


This program has changed my life! Work with cognitive distortions has helped me to stop negative thinking. This group helped me to realize I was afraid to do all I could do to get pregnant - because what if I didn't succeed? That has set me free from a frustrating, depressing rut that immobilized me for years. Thank you!



See what these recent participants think about their Mind Body Tampa Bay experience and how it helped with their challenge in building a family.

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