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Infertility Services

Infertility Counseling

Most of us grow up assuming we can have children anytime we choose. Then after spending 20 or 30 years waiting for just the right time, maybe even spending energy trying not to get pregnant, we realize that conceiving a child naturally may never happen…

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Infertility Counseling | Kathy Fountain Fertility
Mental Health Evaluations - Kathy Fountain

Mental Health Evaluations

Kathy Fountain, LMHC has been providing mental health evaluations for ten years for egg donors and surrogates.

She also provides an array of fertility professional services, and is familiar with American Society Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) guidelines and recommendations regarding evaluations.

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Donation, Gestational Surrogacy, Adoption

Kathy Fountain Fertility can help you fulfill your dream of having a family in alternative or non-traditional ways, providing guidance, counseling and resources.

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Infertility Services | Kathy Fountain Fertility