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Fountain Fertility Mind Body Program

How Can Our Mind Body Classes Help?

The Fountain Fertility Mind Body Program teaches you to decrease your stress and increase your chances of getting pregnant or becoming a parent. Mind Body classes teach women to alleviate stress through relaxation skills, mindfulness, fertility yoga, nutritional counseling, social support, changing negative thinking, humor, and better communication skills with your partner.

Study Finds 55% Conceive Following Mind Body Program

The Fountain Fertility Mind Body class is now being offered virtually! The class is taught by two mind-body trained counselors, Kathy Fountain LMHC and Jocie Fletcher, LCSW

The amazing success rates are the results of on-going research into the positive benefits of the Mind Body program, created by Dr. Alice Domar -director of Mind/Body Services at Boston IVF – more than 30 years ago. Research consistently has found that reducing psychological stress can not only improve physiological symptoms, but can also increase pregnancy rates.

In fact, in one recent study, 55% of previously infertile women who met regularly in a Mind Body class conceived within six months after the program, compared to only 20 percent in a control group that used no mind body techniques.

The Fountain Fertility Group has been teaching a version of the mind body program in the Tampa Bay area since 2007 – that’s 15 years! In that time hundreds of women have found effective coping skills to manage anxiety, take back control of their lives and most find success in becoming moms.


In addition to the mind body techniques, the class is also excited to offer the following:

*Fertility yoga – a relaxing hour from a qualified instructor designed to help you achieve physical and mental relaxation

*Nutritional counseling –  updated information taught by qualified nutritionist who has expertise in using nutrition and diet to improve fertility.  She will answer the questions, is there a “Fertility Diet?”and “Are there supplements that make a difference?”

*Speakers from previous classes on the success of IVF, using donor gametes, and adoption

*A special couples class to help you and your partner communicate better!

Fertility success

The Fountain Fertility Mind Body Program

The Fountain Fertility Mind-Body Program is a program taught by Jocie Fletcher, LCSW, and Kathy Fountain, LMHC.

Do you have questions about the program? You are not alone. We have compiled a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about the Mind Body Program and answers.

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Kathy Fountain - Mind Body for Infertility Classes

Mind Body Program FAQ’s

Do I need to sign up for the entire 6-weeks or can I just come to some of the classes?

You must commit to the entire 6-week program. Continuity is important to enhance both the information and support offered by the group experience.

What if I miss one week of the program?

We will give you written materials that cover the missed session. Everyone in the group is assigned a “buddy”, who will explain the information missed to you.

Can I participate while going through medical treatment?

Yes. In fact, the Mind/Body program can maximize the effectiveness of medical treatment.

What if I am not pursuing medical treatment at this time?

You may participate whether you are seeing a physician, or while taking a break from treatment, or if perhaps you are taking a more “natural” approach to conception.

What is the age range of the women in the group?

All ages are welcome, from 20s to 40s.

How many sessions do husbands/partners attend?

They are welcome to attend the very first class. We also will have a couple-specific class on the fifth  night, and we urge them to attend that one as well.

What if my husband/partner cannot participate in the program?

Husband/partner participation is encouraged, but not required. However, many past participants report that the improvement in communication in their relationship was one of the biggest benefits of the group.

What if I get pregnant during the group?

Some women conceive during the course of the program. If you become pregnant, we recommend you continue with the group as most women become very anxious about miscarrying. Pregnant women can benefit considerably from the techniques and support offered by the program.

How do I sign up for the group?

To sign up for the group, use this Mind Body Program link to complete an application. This will hold your seat in the class.

Have participants in your group successfully conceived?

In several previous groups, one-third to one-half of participants conceived within six months of leaving the program. In all groups however, usually 90% of the participants resolve their fertility and have a baby within a year – some by pregnancy, others by adoption or other means of building their families.

Fountain Fertility Mind Body Class Schedule

The next session will offer 6 consecutive weekly classes

Wednesdays:  March 1st through March 29th

7 -9 pm

Moon Drop Yoga, Tampa

Additional Sunday session March 26 for couples 10 am – 3 pm

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