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New Proof Stress May Keep You From Getting Pregnant

New Proof Stress May Keep You From Getting Pregnant

Do you believe, on some intuitive level, that stress is playing a role in you not getting pregnant, but don’t really know if it’s true?

iStock_000001776367XSmallTheory: Stress And Infertility

The theory has been kicked around for years, and the old “just relax” comment may sound like another piece of unsolicited advice from your co-worker, pregnant girlfriend or mother in law.

New Research On Infertility

But now there is an actual scientific link that adds credence to this belief, and gives a boost to those of us who have been preaching the “slow down, breathe, de-stress” mantra as a natural approach to helping you conceive. This is a stunning breakthrough, and I was excited to share it when I recently was invited to speak about the mind-body approach to infertility at the Paths to Parenthood Conference in Orlando, sponsored by Fertile Dreams.

In a study published online in the August Fertility and Sterility Journal, scientists reported that women who discontinued birth control to start a family, took longer or had reduced chances of becoming pregnant if they had high saliva levels of an enzyme that is connected with adrenaline levels – a biological indicator of stress.

Study Links “Biomarkers”, Delayed Pregnancy

Authors boast this is the first study to link a “biomarker” for stress with delayed pregnancy. The study further suggested that couples find ways to reduce or manage stress as a low-tech solution for infertile couples.

Combine this with study after study conducted at Boston IVF which show higher rates of conception after couples participated in a stress reduction or mind body class, versus those who did not participate, and you see the beauty of a totally natural approach to add as a complement to your medical treatment.

At Kathy Fountain Fertility, we have been helping couples and individuals reduce their stress and improve their chances of getting pregnant by offering Mind Body Classes For Infertility in Tampa Bay. You can learn more or sign up for our next Mind Body Class For Infertility here.

We think this “Biomarker study” is important new research. What do you think about the study?


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