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Can’t afford IVF | How to win a free cycle

Can’t afford IVF | How to win a free cycle

It’s no secret an IVF cycle is cost prohibitive, and out of the reach for many couples who dream of a baby.

Cost of IVF

At fees ranging from $10,000 to 15,000 and up, many don’t have insurance or the money to afford the treatment.

How you Can Get A Free Cycle

Here’s something you need to hear about.. the chance to win a free cycle, or an Embracing Hope Grant, being offered by Fertile Dreams, a non-profit organization in Orlando.
Each year the organization raffles off an unusual prize: A free IVF cycle. In addition, Fertile Dreams gives away $30,000 in grants for three couples to use anywhere in the country for IVF treatment.

Grants For Domestic Adoption

New this year, Fertile Dreams is also offering a grant for domestic adoption. Both applications can be accessed online only at www.FertileDreams.org.

Hug“Without The Embracing Hope Grant, we would not be celebrating our daughter’s third birthday in May,” said Amanda Williams, 2008 Grant recipient. “My husband Jason took a chance and shared his story hoping to help others and ended up making our dreams come true.”

Wheelchair“We knew we wanted to be parents, we just didn’t know how to make it happen until we came across the Grant information on the Fertile Dreams website,” said 2008 recipient Chris Millette of Portland, Oregon. “Today we celebrate a lifetime of firsts with our twins.”

The grants and raffles are usually awarded at the group’s Paths to Parenthood conference in the fall. Check back here for more details or visit www.FertileDreams.org to apply for a free cycle.

If you would like to learn more about IVF, or alternative family building options, visit our Resource Library here.


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