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Fountain Fertility / Testimonials
Testimonial - Liz

"I felt the class completely had a role with our success.
Learning to clear my head and to think rationally will benefit me throughout life.
Thank you for this skill! "


Testimonial - Marni

"Group was absolutely fantastic.
My husband said I went
from "8" to a "3" on the "out of control" scale."


Testimonial - Shody

"I couldn't have coped with my treatment without the
skills and support of the wonderful girls in my group.
I plan on trying to show the people I love how to deal with life using this program."


Testimonial - Tracy

"This class exceeded my expectations.
It addressed all the key components necessary for me at this point in my treatment and future decisions; to reduce stress and think clearly."


Testimonial - Nicole

"We went from me being angry, me making all the decisions and him trying to fix it - to me learning to chill out, and set boundaries on when and how to talk about it. As I relaxed, it became more "safe" to explore other options."


This program has changed my life! Work with cognitive distortions has helped me to stop negative thinking. This group helped me to realize I was afraid to do all I could do to get pregnant - because what if I didn't succeed? That has set me free from a frustrating, depressing rut that immobilized me for years. Thank you!


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